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The Sixth Event

A YA science fiction that explores the extinction events throughout Earth's history, coming from Evernight Teen in 2016.

Eighteen-year-old Raquel isn't eighteen anymore.

During Raquel's first semester of college, she witnesses the end of the world, only to wake up in her old room at her parent's house two years in the past. Even worse, it seems she's the only who remembers. Half convinced she's crazy, her first instinct is to pretend it was all a dream.

That almost works until Chris Lyley, a boy Raquel always thought was a loser, tells her he remembers the catastrophe too. Soon, they both discover new abilities they have as a result. Able to understand any language and teleport through time and space, Raquel and Chris decide to find others who remember the end of the world and figure out what happened.

They start by exploring previous extinction events throughout Earth’s history. If they can figure out what caused the end of their world, maybe they can stop it.

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