Thursday, September 1, 2016

Songs I listened to while writing

Everyone loves good music, and authors are no exception. While writing, I tend to put on music without words, mostly just enjoying the mood of the music. Since I write sci fi, I listen to a lot of techno, and sometimes anime, game and movie soundtracks.

For now, I’ll share some of the techno songs I listened to while writing The Sixth Event, or ones that just inspired me and gave me the energy to write. There’s also one song with words that sums up The Sixth Event perfectly.

1. Cherry Earth, by The Cynic Project. This is a happy, upbeat techno song that makes me think about the natural world. It’s a hopeful sounding song, contrasting a bit with the thriller-ish aspects of the book, but I still love it.

2. Winterbliss, by cycerin.  This is another pretty upbeat song, but it has the definite undertone of a winter day. It reminds me of the tundra where Raquel and Chris saw the mammoths. It’s also featured in a video game for Xbox called Castle Crashers.

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3. Dance with my pants, by Crazy Rockerz. I cheated a bit since this one has words, which are “I wanna dance with my pants.” It doesn’t really make any sense, but it makes me laugh and its super energetic. It reminds me of Chris, who tries to be humorous all the time.

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4. Mission to Venus, by dreamnation. This one is super energetic and makes me think about going on an adventure through spacetime—like the book. I love techno songs that have a lot of bounciness to them.

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5. Pompeii by Bastille: This one is super obvious. The lyrics fit The Sixth Event to a T. Huge world ending disaster, but its like nothing ever happened (because time reset.) The song itself is referring to the eruption of the volcano that buried the city of Pompeii, with a strong thread of environmental awareness. If The Sixth Event ever gets made into a movie, this song is what I imagine would be in the trailer.

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